Privacy Policy

CAREER HAMSTER operates as 
Privacy Policy Use of the Career Hamster Services The job postings, resume database and other features of Career Hamster may be used only by individuals who intend to seek employment and/or career information and by employers who seek employees. 
 Career Hamster, can also be used by companies for professional networking purposes. The use of the career Hamster portal is subjected to certain contract which needs to be abides by you.
  •   We take the commitment to bring about the best privacy practice with reference to     your personal search information. 
  • As a part of our loyalty exchange program, we care more about your preferences whether you are a job seeker, customer or visitor. 
  •  Career Hamster persistently demonstrate higher level of commitment in terms of our deliverable and ensure to make your search experience to be much enjoyable and satisfying one at the end.  
  • Information about Career Hamster Visitors As per the company policy, the portal administrators constantly monitor the movement of visitors in the portal and also get involved in gathering personal information of the user. 
  • The information thus received helps us to understand the specific intent of the user.  
  • The portal constantly updates the features and services as per the requirements of the user in the site. We always ensure that the portal navigation becomes easier for both new user and the existing user, we always lay emphasis on the specific requisition of the user and attempt to incorporate them.  
  • The analytics team of Career Hamster, are constantly on their vigil to comprehensively understand as to which page the users are visiting and are more active. This feature also enables us to understand the need of the users.  Above all, the information that is being gathered through user registration, helps us to drive the promotional endeavours and in certain circumstances, the information is shared with the advertisers who could possibly capitalise more viewership when they advertise. 
  •  Privacy Protection Career Hamster ensures the privacy protection of the user, as per the company policy we do not disclose information to any third party, except when it slips into certain legalities where such information stands relevant.   Visitors for subscription Career Hamster may at times get voluntarily involved in querying the users through the portal who are keen in taking up the subscription for Career Hamster. 
  • Database (CHD) for job seekers and Branding Services for advertisers with us.  During this process, Career Hamster goes a bit further to take information pertained to the visitor’s location. 
  • We take information such as his first name, last name, mailing address and email address.  How the Web Portal Dynamics helps the user the company persistently persuades the users to spend their valuable time in the portal to navigate across the web portal in order to get familiarised with the dynamics of the web portal. 
  •  The users who are navigating in the portal also need to keep in mind that, Career Hamster does get involved in the third-party activities such as the advertisers who would in turn bring certain add-on features which are deemed necessary for them  Cookies and other tracking tools  
  • Career Hamster as a portal works on cookie based system and also amalgamates itself with many other tracking tools to determine the user behaviour and his navigational interest.   The tracking tools becomes a yardstick for Career Hamster to understand, the various possibilities of user when they browse the Career Hamster portal.   It should be understood, that the purpose of having the cookie-based system is to monitor the website and also to enhance the web portal as per the demands of the user. The cookie also helps us towards certain statistical data collection.