Fraudulent Alert

Career Hamster(OPC) Private Limited will not ask or promise jobs to the job seekers from any learnt instances. Any 3rd party or  any unauthorized officials may use company/organization names and their respective logo’s to mislead potential job seekers asking for advance payment/personal identification.

If you ever come across any such 3rd parties seeking or demands payments in regards to promising jobs. kindly let us know.Career Hamster charge any payment or collects money from the Job seekers to apply for a job or to submit your resume. Any job opportunity that does not link to the job postings on Career Hamster portal is not a reliable job posting, might be fraudulent and

If you ever suspect or find such fraudulent activity or attempt, save and copy the concerned emails to and let us know more about the communications you received including the emails and attempt. 

This will help us identify the source of potential fraud. All such fraudulent activities are in violation against career Hamster terms and conditions.

As a job portal and interface to assist companies, vendors and Job seekers we are committed to provide a secure and safe environment for you to search/apply for jobs and build your career.

Note : To assist and help you in identifying  suspicious Job mails, links and offers: 

1. Any job offer which appears too good needs to be cross-checked prior to any communication. 

2. Don’t provide your identification information unless you are confident about the other party who they claim to be. 

3. Be alert before you provide either your credit card or debit card information and do not initiate any monetary transactions. 4. Don’t provide any personal information which is non-work related either over online or over the phone